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**Update: This event is fully booked. If you didn’t get a ticket, you can come to MESH at 17:30 and we’ll place you on a waitlist. You’ll be let in at 18:00, if space permits.


If you can’t join us, please follow along with the live stream here: https://livestream.com/accounts/3722443/events/8796804

Some would say the consumption practices encouraged by global, fast-fashion brands have created a throw-away society, involving high-energy use, labour exploitation and increased carbon emissions – all for the latest trend.


Though many consumers are starting to take notice, is their call for change being heard? Does a circular value chain really solve the core problems of the industry? Will companies be able to develop new ways of manufacturing fast enough? And, how has digitalisation opened up for new opportunities in fashion?


Since many companies are failing to reach out to customers effectively about their efforts to become more sustainable, we have assembled a panel of experts and leaders in the industry to share their views on the future of sustainable fashion. Come hear from each of our guest speakers, then stay for a discussion and Q&A.


Join us August 28 as we speak to:

– Ina Vikøren, Sustainability Manager, H&M

– Anja Bakken Riise, Leader, Framtiden i våre hender (Future in Our Hands)

– Gisle Mariani Mardal, Head of Innovation, Norwegian Fashion Hub

– Ingun Grimstad Klepp, Researcher, Forbruksforskningsinstituttet SIFO and OsloMet

– Ole Eivind Siggerud, Store Manager and Head Buyer, Livid Jeans

More speakers to be announced soon!


It’s the latest #FutureOf talk series presented by Business for Peace and MESH. We’re also pleased to be part of the programming for Oslo’s premier fashion event, OsloRunway. The event is free to attend (you’ll just have to pay for anything you purchase from the bar), but please RSVP to let us know you’ll be joining us.




17:30-18:00 Doors open, come mingle and get settled
18:00-19:00 Talk and discussion
19:00-late   MESH is throwing an after party! Head downstairs to their Backyard for a bar menu and music from DJ Cecilie Strømheim

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The event is free to attend, but please RSVP on Eventbrite to let us know you will be joining us.


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About the Speakers


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Ina Vikøren is Sustainability Manager at H&M for Norway and Iceland. Having received her masters degree in Sustainable Business Development from NTNU, Ina has previously been working to improve innovation for more sustainable, circular societies from the bottom-up. Prior to her role at H&M, Ina worked as a lecturer for Miljødirektoratet and wrote a personal blog on sustainable solutions in everyday life. As a supporter of more elegant, effective and creative solutions for the circular economy, Ina uses her love of nature to power her commitment to environmentally-positive business that’s people-oriented and regenerative for our world.




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Ingun Grimstad Klepp is a research professor based at the Consumer Research Council SIFO at OsloMet. For more than twenty years, she has worked with clothing consumption, mostly on projects covering environmental issues. She has a background in ethnology, but her research employs methods and perspectives from both science and social science. Ingun is featured frequently in the media for her work bringing attention to the environmental impact of clothing production and consumption, and in doing so, has established an important and distinct voice in public discussion.





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Gisle Mariani Mardal is the Head of Innovation at Norwegian Fashion Hub and has been involved in every aspect of the fashion industry throughout his diverse career. After completing his education in England, he went on to work in the international fashion industry before settling down in Oslo. As both a designer and consultant in Norway, he saw a need for developing an innovative and coherent structure for the Norwegian fashion industry. Personally driven by collaborative solutions, he created a strategic framework he now employs for the global fashion system in relation to Norwegian conditions.




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Anja Bakken Riise is the leader of Future in our hands (Framtiden i våre hender), Norway’s largest solidarity and environmental NGO with more than 30,000 members. She has previously worked as a political advisor for Lan Marie Berg, Oslo’s junior vice mayor on Environment and Transport (Green Party), and was the President of the Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund (SAIH). Though she worked as a shop assistant at H&M at the age of 16,  she has since realised the need to transform business models of fast fashion and work towards change.




Ole Eivind Headshot


Ole Eivind is the store manager at Livid’s flagship store in Prinsens gate in Oslo, and a central person in Livid’s leadership team. With hands-on consumer experience, he strives to change consumers’ habits and awareness through transparency and information. Livid was founded in Trondheim in 2010, as a one-man operation making made to measure jeans in Norway. Livid has since evolved to a brand making full ready to wear collections for both men and women, but always with the same focus on high quality materials and construction. Livid believes in buying less, but better, and taking care of the items we buy, and repairing when necessary.