Business for Peace is looking for enthusiastic, talented volunteers to be part of the Business for Peace Summit in Oslo. Are you interested in joining us in May 2020? Send your CV and a short cover letter to More information about our volunteer programme is below!


Business for Peace Summit 2017. Professorboligen.


The Business for Peace Foundation seeks to unlock the positive power of business in society and inspire a higher form of capitalism. Our vision is that all business leaders make improving society their purpose. This requires being businessworthy – to create value both for business and society in an ethical and responsible way.


Business for Peace 2016.

We are now looking to create a team of enthusiastic individuals who believe that with good planning and lots of energy, we can make the Summit a truly excellent experience. We require a commitment of 2-3 days for orientation prior to the Summit, and then another 48 hours of volunteering during the Summit in Oslo.


Find out more about past Summits here and the look back on the 2018 Summit programme here.



Business for Peace 2016.

Volunteer tasks include:

  • Guiding and supporting our VIP guests throughout the Summit and Award Ceremony

  • Guest registration for Summit and Award Ceremony

  • Working with the Social Media and Communication team

  • Supporting speakers, guests, and participants with relevant information and other hands-on tasks as required



Necessary Qualifications Include:

  • Familiarity with Oslo and its facilities (either based in Oslo or have lived here)

  • Reliable and friendly with a professional and proactive attitude

  • Good communication skills

  • Comfortable working both in a group and independently

  • Enjoy working with people from all walks of life

  • Have excellent time management skills, both in regards to event attendance and completion of assigned tasks

  • Computer literacy, including Microsoft Office tools

  • Quick to adapt to a fast-paced environment


Through volunteering, we offer an opportunity to make a difference and be part of building a global movement for change. Look forward to:

  • Building new job market skills and strengthening your existing ones

  • Receiving a written testimonial at the end of the volunteer period

  • Working with an experienced team of professionals who can provide constructive feedback and career advice

  • Interaction with leading speakers and thinkers on sustainability

  • Enjoying a special celebration for our volunteers at the completion of the Summit


Please send an email to for further information. We look forward to hearing from you!